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Tamara Hanna Feightner / Inner Journey of Images and Music

Fri 12:00pm - 12:50pm

Venue: Oasis


Type of Experience: Experiential

Content Type: Experiential Use of Music and Imagery

WGF is full of many wonderful talks and conversations, yet you may find yourself feeling a bit saturated, whirling, or even undone in necessary ways. You may crave some space to breath, slow down, and land with everything being stirred by the Goose. This is a place to listen to Within and connect with the images that may help you integrate where you are at in life or this weekend. Using an adaptation of the therapeutically and researched-based Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, group participants will experience a personal journey unique to themselves. While remaining completely safe, conscious, and autonomous, the container of music can illicit rich images ushering people into transcendent connection with Source or Self. This may yield a release of grief and emotion, a nourishing amplification of inner resources, or new insights. After an experience with the music, you will be guided through a simple mandala drawing exercise, allowing each person to express and digest their own meaning. Tamara will facilitate group discussion and sharing as time permits. (No musical or artistic skill required--just an open mind!)