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Second Breath / Mothering as a Verb: An Inward and Outward Journey

Sat 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Venue: Episcopal


Type of Experience: Storytelling

Content Type: Serving as Instruments of Divine Compassion

Come listen to the life stories of women who have sought, through spiritual practice, to be open and present to the children before them and open and present to the creation of new work in the world. We so often speak of mother as a noun and think of her as a person. But much healing can come when we orient ourselves to mother as a verb. You are invited to be part of the unfolding conversion of a panel of women who will speak their stories about alternative ways to embody motherhood. There is a quality of energy to mothering isn’t there? An interdependence, a selflessness, a love, a sense of fear, a humming anxiety, and occasionally disappointment. Imagine mother as a verb with us.