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Pablo Fernando del Real Salazar / Compassionate Finance: the good news for debt

Fri 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: Portal


Type of Experience: Experiential

Content Type: Interactive Presentation and Prayer

Remember a time when you experienced financial stress? How did it feel? Where did the stress manifest in the body? Was anyone there to help you? Finances are the number-one cause of stress in the U.S. Millions of our neighbors are experiencing financial stress right now. It is manifesting in many painful ways. Many U.S. adults cannot handle a $400 emergency expense. We say we love our neighbors as ourselves, but are we helping them achieve economic security? When it comes to money, we are often isolated and alone. In our financial isolation, the finance industry controls credit, capital, and debt. Compassionate finance can end our financial isolation and relieve financial stress. What is compassionate finance? Every wisdom tradition forbids lending money at interest to friends and neighbors. Some wisdom traditions command debt forgiveness – jubilee, for example. This is compassionate finance – bringing mercy to debt. Yet, where are the interest-free loans? When is the jubilee? “Compassionate Finance: the good news for debt” will introduce Friends In Mindfulness, a new network for ending financial isolation through economic solidarity. Can you imagine a new relationship with debt rooted in compassion and solidarity? This experience will show the way.