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Midge Noble / I IMAGINE... OH SHIT! & Then Some!

Fri 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: Methodist


Type of Experience: Comedy

Content Type: Storm Sailing To Ocracoke Island

I have a fear of drowning. I have a fear of waves. I met a girl, and didn’t know I was gay. All I knew is that I really really really wanted to get to know her more. Then, she asked me to do something that would test not only how much I really liked her, but also, my own ability to rise above my fears. She invited me on a sailing trip with her family….. in a small boat…. In the middle of the wide open ocean waters….. where you can’t see land. I said yes. WHY? I didn’t even know! IMAGINE: Storm waves crashing over the boat, Heeling Over, Novice sailor, Experienced Sailor Getting Drunk, Scared Shitless, Ferry Lane, No Gas, Sailing into dock. OH SHIT! & Then Some! Come on over, pull up a chair, and listen to how it all ends!