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Melissa Turner & Missy Crutchfield / The Return to Eden: Embracing Creation Care Through the Vegan Way of Life

Fri 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Venue: Terra


Type of Experience: Podcast

Content Type: Facilitated conversation & podcast recording session Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Melissa Turner and GAIA Talks: The Earth Speaks Founder and Host Missy Crutchfield facilitate a multimedia conversation and podcast recording session centered around one of their favorite things to talk about when it comes to changing the world: embracing the vegan way of life to help people transform their health and the health of our planet. As one of the most personal and impactful things we can do to address environmental issues, climate change, animal rights, human rights, social justice issues, and even our culture of systemic violence and racism, Melissa and Missy will guide the group through an inspiring conversation they have entitled, “The Return to Eden: Embracing Creation Care Through the Vegan Way of Life” which will empower session participants to pursue a more plant based diet and lifestyle in caring for “All God’s Creatures.” Key Points: -A Brief Look at the Story of Creation from Different Cultures Around the World -Humanity's Common Purpose as Stewards of Creation -Off the Rails: A Charge of Gross Negligence Against Modernity, Western Humanity, Capitalism, Corporatism, Materialism, and Other Dangerous \-isms\ -The New Monastic Call to \Relocate to the Abandoned Places of Empire\: A Brief Look at the Nazarenes, the Essenes, and Modern Day \Outposts of Innovation\ Where Sustainable Living is a Spiritual Practice -Our Call to Return to Eden as Followers of Christ: Embracing Creation Care Through the Vegan Way of Life