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Lilly Lewin / Finding your Thinplace Gathering

Fri 4:00pm - 4:50pm

Venue: Make Believe


Type of Experience: Worship

Content Type: Practice Lectio Divina and a bit of Celtic Christianity,

The Celtic Christians believed that every place was sacred, but they also believed there were special places where the veil was thin between heaven and earth. Places where heaven and earth seemed to touch. Places where one felt totally close to God. Places like the Island of Iona in Scotland and Lindesfarne, Holy Island, in northern England. What about you? Where do you feel closest to God? Where have you felt God’s peace and presence? What if it doesn’t have to be in a building? Or on a retreat or holiday? We can find thinplaces in our everyday lives, AND we create thinplace practices that help us connect with God more easily! Find out more in the Finding Your Thinplace Gathering! This will be a workshop and a worship gathering.