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Larry Dickinson / “The Arc of Evolving Consciousness\ – Interactive Poetry and Discussion

Fri 4:00pm - 4:50pm

Venue: Convo Table 07


Type of Experience: Other

Content Type: Essence-of-Everything; evolving-consciousness; conscious-union

We are one, unconsciously and unknowingly. We each are one, individually, arising to “be,” from and with the Essence of Everything. On the vast arc of so-called evolution, the unique individual beings composed of, and yet separate from the common Essence of Everything, are evolving to an ever-greater form of higher consciousness composed of ever increasing interconnectedness. One day we will achieve the conscious union of the billions of individuals to form the common shared oneness while simultaneously asserting the sense of individual self. More than 70 years ago the Christian mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote of this inevitable evolution of higher consciousness and called the climax the Omega Point. Fritjof Capra infers it in his book; “The Web of Life.” Tech nerds from Silicon Valley (and elsewhere) bring in evolution of and with the computer, and call it the Singularity. These concepts will be shared and discussed interactively, with poetry. “The Arc of Evolving Consciousness” and other unpublished poetry will be read and discussed, interactively, with you, the audience. “Essence and senescence, what be the same? The one must be, as the other wanes. So what marks their common theme? Tis that they make of Everything.”