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Kenneth McIntosh / Imagine a Celtic Goddess /Christian Saint who offers a vision of oneness: Brigid .

Sat 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Venue: Portal


Type of Experience: Presentation

Content Type: Spirit, Justice, Meditation, Art, Brigid.

Pagans—ancient and modern—revere Brigid as a Goddess of fire, healing, and the arts. Christians—ancient and modern—honor her as a saint of justice, equality, and compassion. An increasing number of people across a wide spiritual spectrum are experiencing Brigid as a guide to heal the divisions of our time. She opens up “thin places” where we can overcome the painful divisions between genders, between social classes, between ethnicities, between the human and natural realms, and between imagination and mundane reality. She is an ancient symbol of oneness spreading healing in our modern world. Folktales of Brigid extend from Ireland to Haiti, and her influence has been recognized with a visit and speech by the Dalai Lama. Celtic author and spiritual guide Kenneth McIntosh co-authored the book Brigid’s Mantle: a Celtic Pagan-Christian Dialogue with his Shamanic practitioner friend Lilly Weichberger, has visited sacred sites associated with Brigid in Ireland and the British Isles, and has given numerous talks and workshops about Brigid for Christian and Pagan audiences. This experience will include guided meditation, music, storytelling, artwork, and teaching. Whatever their spiritual backgrounds, participants will find their imaginations ignited and hearts warmed.