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Keary Kincannon & Judy Borsher / The Hard Call to Love our Neighbor

Sat 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: Methodist


Type of Experience: Other

Content Type: Loving Unconditionally Is not Easy

Keary will share from his 45-year career of working with and empowering the homeless and marginalized members of society and how he was called to such a ministry. He and his wife Judy Borsher will share how they started, out of nothing, a vibrant congregation where the homeless and destitute members of the community began to significantly assist and run aspects of the ministry. They will touch on themes of loving unconditionally, including everyone, celebrating life, and empowering the powerless. We are called to love the despicable and the enemy. No exceptions. Being called to love as God loves is not based on our worthiness but on our willingness. We are not called to what is easy but to what will create a more loving and just world. We are called to the margins of our comfort zone and of society not merely to make a difference but so we will be made different. Loving your neighbor makes no difference if you don’t put it into action. Our response to the call to love everyone will depend on our particular gifts, graces, talents and circumstances. After a presentation we will answer questions and engage in dialogue on hoe to love.