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Judy K. Herman / Communologue: Creating Group Empathy with Vibrant Authenticity

Sat 12:00pm - 1:15pm

Venue: Relating Arts


Type of Experience: Workshop

Content Type: Empathic Communication within a Group

Whether it's a group of family members or co-workers, there is usually one who is verbose and another who is quiet. Lack of awareness as a whole minimizes those who feel invisible and misunderstood. Based on a variation of the dialogue model, Communologue is a communication technique. It heightens self awareness as well as increased consciousness of the group's energy. Dialogue (between two people) is different from persuasion, discussion or debate. Rather, it's a speaker/listener skill that creates emotional safety. In the same way, Communologue involves three or more in which all are heard, validated, and understood. There's increased awareness of the transformational effects of the group. You'll get a \how-to\ demonstration within an impromptu volunteer group. Addressing one issue at a time, you'll learn the basics of facilitating this method in order to create group empathy. Witness and experience practical techniques, attitudes and phrases that invite vulnerability and trust. Experience techniques and ways that deepens soul connections along with vibrant authenticity.