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Jon Carl Lewis / Sex & the Progressive Christian

Fri 4:00pm - 4:50pm

Venue: Portal


Type of Experience: Presentation

Content Type: Imagining Faithful, Progressive Christian Sexuality

Progressive Christians are often confused about sex. Caught between the “just say no” of purity culture and the sexual consumerism of American culture, we have few places to turn for guidance on how to construct a healthy sexuality that takes into account our unique individuality and circumstances, and fits our core spiritual convictions. Join spiritual director Jon Carl Lewis in a facilitated conversation to imagine the many diverse ways that Progressive Christians can embrace our sexuality and come to satisfying sexual and relational decisions that align with our deepest values. Drawing on the 500-year-old tradition of Ignatian spirituality which finds God in all things, we will explore how approaching sexual decision-making and questions about sexual ethics as a spiritual discipline can allow us to participate in the Body of Christ as full human beings, and pursue a joyful, faithful, abundant life in Christ—sex included.