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Joey English - intimate acoustic experience

Fri 4:00pm - 4:45pm

Venue: Cafe


Type of Experience: Music

Content Type: Intimate Listening Room

There’s a certain vulnerability in these type of shows — a greater sense of openness and closeness between the artist and the audience. It’s a two-way street, a back-and-forth, a kind of dance in the living room. We don’t talk only about the performance, we talk about our experience with the performance. There’s something about these small intimate spaces that gets us in touch, that allows us to see past our whiskers, or our cell phones, or our deadlines; that helps us to zoom out for a moment of whatever we’re stuck in and to simply be. Joey takes on the mystical qualities of everyday life. His songs push the depths of the every day person, unveiling the riches that often come about through suffering and joy.