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Jennifer Ohman-Rodriguez / Beyond Talking About Trauma: Imagining Healing as Spiritual Practice

Sat 11:00am - 11:50am

Venue: Healing Arts


Type of Experience: Experiential

Content Type: Trauma recovery as spiritual practice

In “Beyond Talking About Trauma: Imagining Healing as Spiritual Practice” we gather together because the afterlife of trauma affects all of us, our loved ones, and all of creation. We are both concerned about the impact of trauma’s pain on the world and curious about the possibility of healing. Gathered, we create a safe-enough space for this conversation by never asking anyone to tell their trauma story or stories. We also agree that we cannot fully understand another’s experience. And we hold close to our hearts, souls, bodies, minds, and each other that we can heal from trauma’s aftermath. We then continue by sharing both trauma experts’ and our own definitions of traumatic experience and a few stories of both clinical and spiritual healing. Most of our time together will be in the sharing of our own spiritual healing practices, learning new practices from each other, and practicing together. We leave with hope fueled through compassion and connection.