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Jacob Roland / The Cosmic Magician

Sat 12:00pm - 12:50pm

Venue: Healing Arts


Type of Experience: Experiential

Content Type: Mystic, Archetype, Meditation, Visualization, Creativity

Our capacity to IMAGINE is one of the greatest untapped resources of human beings. By rediscovering the radical implications of active imagination, meditation, and altered states of consciousness, we can further unlock the powerful potential available to all of us. Throughout many historic traditions and spiritual paths, these practices have been associated with the “magician” archetype. Learning how to recognize our inner magician is a transformative undertaking for those looking to enhance their creativity, those searching for a new way to approach Christianity, and those who simply want to experience a deeper sense of well-being. Hear from someone who has journeyed out of evangelicalism and into the heart of the mystic traditions, and participate in some of the spiritual practices that have impacted him along the way.