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Illuman / An Integrative Male Spirtuality

Fri 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Venue: Oasis


Type of Experience: Conversation

Content Type: The Male Spiritual Journey

Who are we and where did we come from? Are we machines that have been created to serve as more efficient producers or might we be able to ground ourselves in a deeper belongingness, a connection with the human and more than human world? Illuman, a male spirituality organization founded on the works of Fr. Richard Rohr, has created a pathway for the male spiritual journey called the Journey of Illumination. Using the five touchstones of Centering, Gathering, Connecting, Releasing, and Serving, we are a community of men who are willing to be vulnerable and authentic in using our greatest pain to transform ourselves. Or as Leonard Cohen sings in Anthem, the crack is where the light gets in. In this session, we will use the Illuman Way of Council to invite participants to experience how the five touchstones can provide solid ground to move past their egoic perceptions as they explore the true essence of who the world needs them to be. The session will be led by Mike Clawson, Illuman Administrator, and Chuck Rihm, Convener of the Ohio Chapter of Illuman.