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Dwayne Burks / From Bob Jones to Wild Goose (Yes, THAT Bob Jones)

Fri 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Venue: Convo Table 08


Type of Experience: Other

Content Type: From Religion to Relatioship

From Bob Jones to Wild Goose (Yes, THAT Bob Jones) 25 years ago, I would not attend a Southern Baptist Church because I thought they were “too liberal.” My journey from the regimen of religion to the rest of relationship took me to brink of suicide, but grace grabbed me and refused to let go. Now I am an ordained SBC’er who scares my colleagues to death because I no longer believe we must cautiously manage every, single step just to keep God happy with us. Instead of marching we can KeEp DaNciN’! Who would have thought this journey would open pulpits in everything from Lutheran, to Episcopalian, to Methodist and even SBC churches with grace instead of grinding guilt. Join me for an interactive discussion of our journeys into freedom.