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You Can Reform Cash Bail

Sat 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Venue: Terra


Type of Experience: Presentation

Content Type: Presentation, Dramatization, Discussion, Workshop, Worship

You Can Reform Cash Bail

IMAGINE you are a person charged with a nonviolent crime languishing in jail awaiting trial just because you can’t afford bail.
* You will probably lose your job
* Your rent will go unpaid leaving your family without a place to live
* You risk losing whatever family ties you have
* You are 4 times more likely to receive jail time, have a sentence 3 times longer and are more likely to recidivate than those who can pay their cash bail

COME to the program on CASH BAIL REFORM and understand the moral implications of a system that is the most racially biased and unjust aspect of our criminal justice system that costs taxpayers millions of dollars a year.
YOU DO HAVE THE POWER to fix these ills by making your local Pretrial Detention System more just, fair, and equitable.
EXPLORE what your faith organization can do.