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Damon Garcia / The God Who Riots: Taking Back the Radical Jesus

Sat 5:00pm - 5:50pm

Venue: Forum


Type of Experience: Speaking

Content Type: Liberation Theology and Decolonizing Christianity

The week Jesus is executed he goes into the Temple’s outer court and flips their tables, pours out their coins and drives out everyone buying and selling offerings. This wasn’t a random temper tantrum. This was a planned demonstration turned riot, with property destruction, looting, and all. In the Temple Jesus shows us the God who riots in response to people prioritizing worship over justice. And the spirit of this God is embodied in today's protests, riots, and strikes. Popular YouTuber and public theologian Damon Garcia wrote his new book, The God Who Riots, for those of us who have always suspected that Jesus was more radical than what we’ve been taught, and for those who want to discover a faith that actually empowers us to actively participate in our struggle for liberation. Come listen to Garcia speak about his new book, and participate in a conversation about practical ways that we can follow Jesus's example in the face of rapidly growing injustice.