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Brad Zabel / Have Your Pie (and eat it too): Part Deux

Fri 12:00pm - 12:50pm

Venue: Front Porch


Type of Experience: Other

Content Type: Finding Your Unique Joy

How much joy did you experience yesterday? And how is today shaping up on the joy-meter? This session focuses on the “can’t-help-smiling type of joy” (whether that joy shows on your face or in your heart) that is available to you right now? The kind of joy that recognizes and nourishes the uniqueness that is you (versus the you defined by the culture or the roles you play?). Whether you’re maxed out on joy or running on empty, the session will expose you to a tool called Pie that invites you to specify the relationships, activities, and experiences where you know you encounter joy. This isn’t a disguised Prosperity Gospel. Nor does it rely on daily positive affirmations or non -sustainable practices. Unlike last year, when we only talked about what Pie is, this year’s session (Part Deux) will be interactive with every participant crafting a hardcopy of their own Pie while receiving suggestions on how they can Have Their Pie and Eat It Too! Come ready to make yourself a tasty Pie! Note: You do not have to attended the 2021 session to attend this session: Part Deux - There is no prerequisite!