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Asher Leigh Zaccagnini / Becoming Whole with God

Sat 10:00am - 11:15am

Venue: Relating Arts


Type of Experience: Workshop

Content Type: Music-assisted somatic processing group

For those seeking to discover themselves and their spirituality on a deeper level, embodied song interaction can be a powerful tool for accessing God’s presence. Imagine what would be possible if we had access to this kind of connection all the time? We can. And this is one way to make it so. In this presentation and workshop, participants will be offered information about the body, our emotions, prayer, and how song and music can be used to tie the three together. Participants will then be led through an embodiment tool called the WHOLE practice, where they will be encouraged to participate in a musically-assisted 5-step process. The practice can be viewed as a method of both prayer and meditation that encourages surrender of the active mind, an honoring of intuition and emotion, acceptance of God’s love, and creative self-expression. Unique to this practice is the ability for anyone to participate regardless of religious or spiritual affiliation. Agnostics and/or atheists are encouraged to practice using either the concept of a “Higher Power” or simply “Love” in place of God if this is preferred. At the end of the presentation and workshop, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, share reflections, and express any inspiration or insight received from the practice.