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Aaron Arnold / Poetry, Dialog, and Healing

Fri 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Venue: Methodist


Type of Experience: Conversation

Content Type: Poetry, Dialog, and Healing

The past few years have been for so many, and some have had to figure out ways to deal with the anxiety and pain that they have experienced. For me it was the convergence of the deconstruction of my faith from the evangelical church which lead to a career change after more than two decades of full-time ministry, trying to figure out the political chaos, divisiveness and injustices; all the while navigating the challenges and trauma of the COVID pandemic. One of the refuges I found was self-expression of my journey through poetry. I have been working on curating a collection of more than 60 poems written during the last 3 years and hope to publish it this year. I believe that it would be a space for solidarity and healing to share some of that poetry through some selected readings, accompanied with discussion from the participants. The goal would be to embrace the commonality of experience, learn from our diverse experiences and most importantly collectively build hope for the future.