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Keary Kincannon & Judy Borsher

Keary Kincannon and Judy Borsher founded Rising Hope Mission Church, a United Methodist congregation in Alexandria VA, out of their car in 1995. Three-fourths of the congregation have been or are homeless. Hundreds have been empowered to gain control of their lives, secure housing, and jobs because of his work. Church Members have become leaders in the congregation and the community. Jim Wallis of Sojourners & Georgetown University has said, “Keary became a role model and architype for the church and how to do the Gospel.” Kincannon is an ordained United Methodist Minister. In addition, he has been a low-income tenant organizer in Washington DC, Executive Director of the DC Coalition for the Homeless, and Executive Director and Founder of an organization resourcing churches for Housing and Homeless Ministries. In 2017 he made international news when ICE agents raided and arrested immigrants staying at the church’s hypothermia shelter. His work has been covered by PBS “Religion and Ethics”, Sojourner’s Magazine, The Washington Post, and National Geographic’s publication “Feeding America: Stories of Hunger and Hope.”

Sat 1:00pm - 1:50pm Keary Kincannon & Judy Borsher / The Hard Call to Love our Neighbor Methodist