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Justin Gentry

Justin Gentry has been many things. Currently he is a project manager, podcaster, and coach but he has also been a pastor, fitness instructor, architectural lighting designer, and did the required time as both a barista and bartender. Through all of that time he has inhabited roughly the same physical body and this fundamental truth frames his overarching passion of helping people reconnect with their bodies to find what they have always known to be true. Justin's work typically resides at the intersection of faith and doubt where he is fascinated by all the ways our challenges in belief interact to make us better humans. Struggle and tension are constants in life and he helps people, specifically pastors, find ways to process their faith shifts in ways that are generative, healthy, and authentic. For fun, he co-hosts two podcasts related to faith shifts called Go Home Bible; You're Drunk with Tori Williams Douglass and REVcovery with Rev. Sarah Heath. During the day he resides in Columbus Ohio with his wife, kiddos, and vegetable garden. At night he is writing a book on embodied spirituality.

Sat 1:45pm - 2:45pm REVcovery Podcast GooseCast