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Amy Bell

Amy Bell believes in God sometimes and is gay all the time. She plays with sharp objects and probably needs a nap. Sometimes she eats weeds growing in the backyard and calls it self-care. It's better than being ashamed that she hasn't mowed. Years ago, Amy served as an Assemblies of God minister and Army chaplain candidate. Back then, she had two kids, a husband and all the answers. Now she's a culture war refugee with lots of questions. Amy left the Assemblies of God, divorced her husband, and came out as gay. She's now medically retired from the Army and lives in East Tennessee with her wife and two disabled, queer young adult kids. Amy is still trying to figure out what she believes, how to parent adults during an apocalypse and what in the world to do with her life.

Sat 3:00pm - 4:00pm Midge Noble / GAY with GOD! Podcast GooseCast