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Tonyah Dee

Tonyah Dee is the founder of YahLight, a movement to ignite and empower The Light within. She teaches people how to find their unique purpose, move into a deeper relationship with God, and become the truest versions of themselves. Tonyah has developed a step by step Christ-centered devotional chant, meditation and prayer practice hoping to help seekers of truth to be on a path of spiritual awakening. She writes, sings and records devotional chant music, guided meditations, scriptural contemplations, and much more. Tonyah has a unique and broad perspective on wellness because she is a registered dietitian, master level meditation teacher and Christ- centered life coach. She blends the Biblical theory that we live in a body, have a soul and are a spirit with what western science has proven regarding how to achieve a certain level of health and consciousness.

Fri 10:00am - 10:50am Tonyah Dee / Christ-centered Devotional Chant, Meditation and Prayer - Feed Body, Soul and Spirit Healing Arts