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Kelley Finch

Pastor Kelley is the Bible Nerd on TikTok and the Pastor at Mosaic Faith Community in Wilmington, NC. With a community both in person and worldwide, she is planting an inclusive church with the NC UMC Conference. This process began as she built a following of over 100k friends across social media sharing her deconstruction walk from being in ministry in the Baptist church and moving to the UMC. With a deconstructing community that reaches to Australia and Noway, she shared the needs for an inclusive church built by the communities the church rejected. This hope was realized at the beginning of 2022 as she began the Mosaic New Faith Community. For nine months (from March-December) this community will follow “Mary’s Path”, a program created by the NC Conference’s New Faith Communities, that will examine each aspect of church from discipleship and financial obligations to bathrooms and worship spaces. This community will deconstruct and build the church they want to see in the world.

Fri 2:00pm - 2:50pm Kelley Finch / TikTok, Deconstruction, and a Church Workshop