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John Evans

I have practiced and taught meditation for more than 50 years and have benefitted from a number of extraordinary teachers from India, the far east and the middle east. At one point, circumstances combined to bring me to take a second look at my Christian roots. This story is the subject of my first book; A Second Look at Jesus. Because of this background, my relationship with Jesus and his teaching is strong on experience and open-minded about theory. My recently published collection of poetry, We Are God’s Poems is a friendly, helpful sampling of my Christian experience. It is my intent to encourage deeper, more daring inner exploration of the whole range of the kingdom of God.


Rooted in stillness,
Your fierce wind shakes my frame.
My mind, a fluttering flag,
tattered and fading
gives the appearance
of independent life.
But we know better.
It is You,
only You.

Fri 4:00pm - 4:50pm John Evans / Discovering the Poetic /Prophetic Mind and Soul As Expressed in the Bible Convo Table 10
Fri 5:00pm - 5:30pm John Evans / Elizabeth Magill / John Pavlovitz Booksigning
Sat 4:00pm - 4:50pm John Evans / Discovering the Poetic/Prophetic Aptitude Within Ourselves Convo Table 10