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Gary Smith

Dr Smith holds a PhD in Chemistry/Biochemistry with 32 years of experience in Pharma. As a Christian, he is concerned about Justice and the impact of climate change on people of low wealth, and he works with people of faith in Raleigh and NC on these issues. Gary leads the climate change group at his church, Community UCC, and is former chair of their Do Justice Ministry. He is also Chair of the Energy Working Group of North Carolina Interfaith Power and Light which offers a faith-based approach to climate change, advocates for a transition to renewable energy and works with houses of faith to help them decrease their energy and fossil fuel consumption. Gary is part of the Community UCC cash bail group and was key to bringing a resolution for cash bail reform to the National UCC (33rd General Synod) in 2021. It passed overwhelmingly. He is married to Jane Smith, and they have a grown daughter, Abigail. He enjoys nature, science and the out of doors, the latter especially while on a bicycle.

Sat 2:00pm - 2:50pm You Can Reform Cash Bail Terra