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Caryn Crabb

Caryn is an English teacher who found her way back to faith by reading the Bible as a work of literature (rather than a history text or an instructions manual). After more than 20 years of classroom experience, she’s eager to share this literary approach to scripture with adults who aren’t merely trying to get an 80 on the test because they want their phone privileges back. Caryn currently teaches high school freshmen at an independent prep school in South Carolina using her book, The Bible in Brief: A Concise Survey of the Bible for Secular Schools. She has conducted professional seminar sessions on worldview in literature and the theology of Narnia (as well as other, more boring topics like punctuation rules and lesson planning). Prior to majoring in education and journalism, Caryn studied music and trained as a vocalist. Music, literature, and laughter are at the heart of her life’s work, and she’s delighted to be back at the Goose, where those gifts are joyfully abundant.

Sat 12:00pm - 12:50pm Caryn Crabb / Re-Imagining the Bible as a Musical Soundtrack Oasis