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Brittany McRay

Brittany Sky is a writer, creator, and researcher who loves kids and the adults who care for them. She holds a BA and MA in Christian Education, and an MBA for good measure. Brittany is the author of Raising Good People, the Celebrate Wonder Bible Storybook, the Bible Basics Storybook, the Deep Blue Bible Storybook, and countless curricula. Brittany lives on the land of the Cherokee (usually called Nashville, TN) with her partner, Michael, their baby, Rowan, and two terriers, Charlie and Lily. She launched the site shortly after Rowan was born as a place to process becoming a parent of a white boy. Her commitment to raising Rowan to be a force of good in the world aligns with all of the things she hears from other parents—how do we raise our kids to be a force for good in the world when the world is a mess? Answering this question is the “why” for everything she does.