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Bill Gretsch

BILL GRETSCH Bill is one of the Co-Creators of the DO JUSTICE/CASH BAIL BOND REFORM Event for the 2022 Wild Goose Festival. He works in the Do Justice Committee of Community United Christian Church of Christ (CUCC) in Raleigh North Carolina. The CUCC Bail Bond Reform Team was formed after he joined and he helped create, advocate, and get approved a CUCC Resolution to Reform Bail Bond , which was adopted by the Southern Conference of UCC and the National Synod. The Team has grown to be the BAIL BOND REFORM PROJECT OF NORTH CAROLINA, which includes other Churches and works in collaboration with the North Carolina Council of Churches and other Churches and groups with the same objectives. He has served Churches as Deacon, Elder, Chair of Council, and in Evangelism, Communications, Nominating, Building, Stewardship and multiple church collaboration. .

Sat 2:00pm - 2:50pm You Can Reform Cash Bail Terra