Maker Meet-Up: Grounding and Celebrating Our Work

Sat 4:00pm - 4:50pm

Venue: Studio (Art)


This Meet-Up is for Artists and Makers of all kinds. You are invited to come share your current project(s) and process, tell us the story of what you're learning, who you're learning from and the artists and makers whose work yours is in conversation/collaboration with. Stay and have your work featured in the Wild Goose Community Art Show at 5PM. More Details from Meet-Up Host, Shawna Bowman: As a white artist I am particularly committed to grounding my work in the larger story and context of where it's drawn from and give credit and make clear as to who and how I am influenced and inspired. I hope to curate a space and conversation where we make visible what is often invisible, that many if not most art forms originate in indigenous, native, BIPOC histories and communities and get white washed in the hands of white artists and capitalist practices. This is an opportunity for BIPOC to share their work and artist origins and for white artists to be accountable to the origins and communities their practices, methods, styles and crafts have been drawn from.