Idol Talk, Idle Talk, and GOD Speech - Carmen d. Player

Fri 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: Workshop


“And God said unto Moses, I am that I am…” Exodus 3:14

When we speak of ourselves and say the words “I am ___.” we are not only speaking of ourselves, we are speaking of God and invoking the creative power of God. This invites us to really think and listen keenly to how we speak to ourselves and about ourselves. If the words we speak about ourselves are not life affirming, loving, soul and spirit nourishing, from a place of joy, peace, love, abundance, it is not of God. If these are false statements of God, it is “Idol Talk.” The word idol is used because we often also believe the falsehoods about ourselves and even elevate these idols above the Truth.. When we believe these words, we often follow up with statements reflecting limited beliefs, therefore, we engage in “Idle Talk.” i.e. “ I am just not talented enough for this job. I’ll never get that promotion.” Idol and Idle Talk plays in the background of our subconscious due to condition, negative experiences, and traumas which lead us to believe we are less than Divine.

Just as we can engage in Idol and Idle Talk, we can change our thoughts, words and actions with God speech. These are affirming statements, we say to ourselves in the form of mantras, prayers, and continual reminders. These statements are here to help rewrite the script within our subconscious. Creating statements that resonate with our Spirits and affirm Truth will change our perspective about ourselves, our situation and our ability to manifest a different lived experience.

In this workshop participants will be guided to identify the scripts they have created that reflect Idol and Idle Talk. They will be supported to begin reprogramming their subconscious mind by creating statements which affirm the Truth. Participants will have the opportunity to craft statements that speak to their younger selves, which is where most wounding begins.