Your Elders Will Dream Dreams

Sat 11:00am - 11:50am

Venue: Convo 11


Having started the ordination process at age 57 and completed the requirements just before turning 60, I am very interested in helping other mature adults explore the options for service and ministry. We have a lot of attendees who fall into that age range, and I am sure there are some who would like some guidance in how to use their wisdom, experience, and skill set to continue making a difference in the world. Some of these may be retired and some may be looking for a life change, as I was. I know that this kind of discussion would have been invaluable for me when I came to my first WGF 8 years ago. I propose researching and presenting as many opportunities as I can find for volunteer and paid positions, both church-related and non-church-related. I also anticipating drawing upon the wisdom of other WGF attendees to share how they have stayed active in the world.