Theological Storytelling for Hope and Healing

Sat 4:00pm - 4:50pm

Venue: Convo 06


This is a workshop about the stories we tell ourselves about our lives and about the role of the divine in our lives. These stories shape our self-concept and our hope for the future. They can help us heal, or they can keep us stuck in the judgments and pain of the past. As a queer person of faith, I will be sharing about my story and how it’s changed over time. It’s been a process of letting go of old narratives and the shame that came with them, and embracing a new life and story. Attendees will also be given tools for thinking about their own stories and sharing them with others. The tools will combine principles from psychotherapy and theological/pastoral care. This is similar in many ways to the work we do on Open Bible Podcast. Our podcast helps people learn about how they can accept and support LGBTQ people, and also helps them heal and recover faith through the process. These workshops would be an outgrowth of that work as well as a combination of my education and experience having worked as a counselor and a pastor.