Share A Samewhich: A Way to Bridge the Divide

Sat 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Venue: Convo 01


In society today we are forming ever more close-minded groups and echo chambers of “us” and “them”. Especially in our politics and religion. Thanks to the megaphone of social media, the loudest and most grabbing extremes are shaping the narrative, disincentivizing real dialogue and stunting honest listening. As a help to bridge this growing divide, try inviting one of “them” to share a “Samewich”. Not a ‘sandwich’, but a “Samewich”. When you know you have a subject that might be divisive or contentious, invite (not state, nor ask, nor demand, but invite) them to share (not accept, nor give, but share) a Samewich. You both affirm that you will start and end the “meaty” conversation with something on which you both positively agree (analogous to the bread). And be sure to top off your shared Samewich conversation with a slice of agreement bread, fighting the temptation to try and change the flavor for them (i.e. don’t douse the open face with your salt and pepper). This group discussion will explore things like: Ways you can always find something upon which to positively agree; If, how and where does your Faith/Religion go in a Samewich; How to be accepting and affirming while sharing a Samewich.