An Introduction to Church of the Wild

Sat 12:00pm - 12:50pm

Venue: Convo 09


All across North America, Churches of the Wild are emerging in response to a deep yearning for a more direct, unmediated relationship with God through nature in the midst of the unfolding ecological crisis. This movement seeks to re-wild church, getting our faith outside the walls, re-connecting people with an untamed God in and through creation. Join us to experience firsthand a Church of the Wild gathering, based on those of the Church of the Wild DC-MD-VA, which has been growing rapidly over the last two years. Together, we will welcome the non-human and human elements within our community, chant, wander and hold silence as we invite the Divine Mystery into our midst. Coming from many faith traditions, Church of the Wild DC-MD-VA honors the mutual indwelling of the Divine with the Earth and all of its beings, remembering our sacred interconnection and interdependence through contemplative spiritual practices, music, and wanderings. As participants in the web of creation, we seek to be attentive to the Holy in our midst and invite one another to come home to the sacred ecological ground in which we live. This groundedness guides us to live from a place of deeper compassion, care and gratitude for all living things.