Life After Faith/Bart Campolo

Fri 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Venue: Library


Know someone (or maybe it’s you?) who’s on or over the edge of no longer believing in any of the supernatural parts of Christianity? More than fed up with the Church. More than loosening up an interpretation of the Bible: Coming to the conclusion that there’s nothing left of your former confidence that God exists, Jesus resurrected, and Heaven waits for those who pray. So then, what now? Especially if your identity, sense of purpose and key relationships are all based on being a believer?

Even if you’re still rock solid, what if that happens to your best friend, your spouse, or your child?

Evangelical missionary turned humanist chaplain Bart Campolo promises that there are authentic, thoroughly secular ways to live for love and find hope, meaning, fellowship and even ministry on the other side of faith, along with the possibility of genuine, proactive mutual support in suddenly interfaith relationships. Come with questions and see if you buy it.