Justice Camp (Pre-Festival)

Thu 9:00am - 5:00pm

Venue: Bridge


Composting Supremacy Culture: Unpacking Racial Literacy, Embodiment, and Social Healing. Supremacy culture is a maladaptive coping mechanism we’ve all been conditioned with. The invitation of our faith should be to dismantle it and divest from it, so that we can adopt healing and wholeness instead. A faith that empowers supremacy culture is just a weapon of it, but faith is meant to be a tool of individual liberation that leads to collective liberation. At the root of all oppression we always find unhealed people trying to survive. Oppression can end, heaven on earth is possible, we can move together toward it as we commit to embodying individual and collective healing. Being anti-racist is not an issue of intellectually understanding racism and its many ramifications, but instead one that must be embodied & enacted. Learning to translate thought to action creates conditions for an embodied activist theology. This year, we will provide chances to participate in active learning through a series of conversations and somatic movement experiences. The work of embodying relational concepts of emergence, interdependence, and adaptability by exploring insights that emanate from our deep bodily wisdom is the primary work we will embark upon together as a learning community. Listen carefully to the messages of the body – move, let go, and take risks in a co-creative environment. Explore the paradox of chaos and order as we flow between leading, following, tracking desire, and attending to choice. Our bodies tell a story, and learning to weave together a collective embodied story will help us dismantle & compost the reigning supremacy cultures that cause harm and disunity. Through a strong sense of community, experience a simultaneous celebration of individual and group orientation while highlighting the beauty and power of our ever-emerging communal consciousness.