Wisdom Camp (Pre-Festival)

Thu 9:00am - 5:00pm

Venue: Landing


In 2020, the world as we knew it turned upside down. Patterns interrupted. Values erupted. Many lives slowed down. Some lives ended altogether, on this side of the veil. We vowed to ourselves that this pain wouldn’t be ‘wasted,’ and our lives would ‘change forever’…but in our rush to ‘get back to normal,’ have we really learned anything? As the tragedy of this pandemic reveals our fragility and our strengths alike, how do we retain the deep treasures from a season where everything shifted? And how do we ‘spend’ this treasure wisely, to cultivate a richer experience of life? This year, join a diverse group of wisdom teachers across spiritual paths and practices as we explore these very questions. After 18+ months of living behind screens with understandable vigilance, let’s take a ‘sacred pause’ together by the French Broad river and remember what it’s like to dwell together in breath and soil. Let’s take a break from the already-returning habits of forgetting, freneticism, and adrenaline-addiction to reclaim the stories, practices, and embodied states of uhurried abundance. Let’s learn how to love God, our neighbors, our planet, and ourselves — and receive love from each in turn. Who knows? Maybe we can renew these innate capacities within us, together. And return to the restless wider world with clear eyes, open hands, and full hearts.