Circle, Refueling, Connection, Self-Expression, Emotional-Work

Sat 8:00pm - 9:00pm

Venue: River


Come participate in a confidential space to safely process using a structure of rounds. This will be an opportunity to experience the structure and add in other’s ideas and suggestions. Our groups will be 4-8 people and we will split to accommodate however many show up. Each group will go over group agreements to build the container before beginning. The structure is normally a two hour commitment and we ask for all who come to please respect the time and vulnerability of the group. The beauty I find in this work is not only being supported in my work by the presence of others, but also having the honor to hold and hear someone else do work. The rounds include outer checkin, inner checkin, opportunity to go deeper with work round, and a reflection/blessing closure round. All those who identify as women, through upbringing and/or now, and are in connection with the feminine are welcome to join.