Shining Light on the Secrecy and Shame of Sexual Abuse

Sat 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: Bridge


2021 marks the 20th Anniversary of Sexual Abuse Awareness Month and yet we have a long way to go to shift current statistics (the CDC reports 43% of women have been sexually abused and almost 25% of men). Raising awareness takes away the shame and silencing that surrounds the topic. Speaking the truth through stories of hope and healing shines light into the darkness of abuse and takes away its power. Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers was created to bring light into the darkness that surrounds sexual abuse. We facilitate vulnerable and brave conversations so survivors feel empowered and supporters show solidarity and a desire to alleviate the silencing and shaming of victims. Survivors of sexual abuse are often left with limiting beliefs that lead to unhealthy patterns preventing them from living the full lives they deserve. I share my story of wounding, childhood sexual abuse, limiting beliefs, repeating unhealthy patterns leading to domestic abuse until my awakening, healing and claiming a Going-Forward Story. This message of hope and healing can be a catalyst for change and transformation. Survivors are encouraged to take specific steps to THRIVE. Supporters are emboldened to be present and encouraging to the survivors in their lives as they better understand how these injustices happen. Supporters can confidently STEP UP for the people in their lives who are suffering in silence or are stuck in patterns that are holding them back from embracing their whole selves. Together we can encourage collective healing, we can create change by shining light on this topic and we can shift the statistics for the next generation. Let’s talk about how, with our collective power, we can help survivors THRIVE and supporters STEP UP!