Community Formation: Some Basics

Fri 3:00pm - 3:50pm

Venue: Episcopal


Let's come together as a sub-cell of the Wild Goose, share as a community of seekers the highlights of what we remember about community formation from pre-pandemic times, what we know now about the community where we want to live, and what we envision as the ideal community for our future. This may be a contemplative community of prayer and work; a 24/7 version inspired by our WGF experience; a deeper level of community experience in our back home worship church or group; a co-housing situation like a tiny house village to ease our own affordable housing crisis as well as those of others; a farm-based sustainable, permaculture, and climate justice community like the emerging Hildegarden movement; -- or something else God has planted in our souls. All are good. How are we going to transcend and reach through the Great Divide, the distance that has separated us for the past 18 months living through this once in a century pandemic? We can all be a resource for each other, a voice of wisdom and truth, as there are no experts in this particular scenario, only folks who remain open to the voice of the Spirit trusting in God to lead us. We can all hold the space for one another to share our individual fears and trust, as we look to heal the wounds and create something new, as the Phoenix rises out of the Ashes. We are truly making the road as we go, with God's help. Come, let's pray, breathe, dream and share together.