Together is better - diverse congregations help families achieve independence from poverty through Family Promise

Sat 12:00pm - 12:50pm

Venue: Convo 07


Family Promise presents a holistic community solution to the crisis of family homelessness. FP provides a structure for diverse communities of faith to work together, often using existing facilities and community resources and calling upon volunteers to work with families with children who are living in crisis homelessness. Each of the 300+ affiliates (led by a professional staff and governed by a local board of directors) determines the best response to the needs of their community and develops programming to help those in crisis to regain footing and achieve sustainable independence. Nationwide FP boasts an 85% success rate of graduates still housed after one year. This presentation is designed for two purposes. 1) Information: We will present a successful way diverse congregations of faith are successfully working together through local Family Promise affiliates despite substantial differences in belief and practice to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in their communities. 2) Inspiration: The model of Family Promise has prompted congregations in communities to work together in many other ways as well. After working together with FP, an independent Interfaith Clergy Partnership Greater Athens was established by some of the partner faith groups. The ICPGA works together on various projects, serves as a resource for educational programming and community activism for it's members, and has become a vital way to promote interfaith dialogue and community.