How do we love our country's angry and alienated boys? Can we create a unity of spirit with an antagonist?

Fri 1:00pm - 1:50pm

Venue: Convo 01


Partake in an interactive presentation and discussion about how to provide love and acceptance to our most alienated boys. We live in a society rife with violence. The continued rash of school shootings, mostly perpetrated by angry young men -- how can we reach those boys before they feel the need to strike out and how can we understand them and find compassion for them after they do (or can we?) The group will discuss the best questions to ask and will brainstorm effective ways to embrace these boys. I don't have the answers!- This is meant to be an open collaboration between presenter and audience, and necessarily will move with the energy and flow of the particular group that attends. We may explore the notions of Spare the Rod, An Eye for an Eye, Turn the other Cheek, and the Aikido philosophy of meeting hostility with love.