Let's Talk About Sex

Fri 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Venue: Relating Arts


How high is your comfort level for conversations about sex? For many it is a topic that can be tricky to navigate- even with people close to us. We know how to joke about it but not discuss it. Why is that? Carissa is going to lead participants through a series of questions that will seek to expand our understanding of why this challenge might exist and possible approaches to work towards changing that. She'll be prompting answers from herself and participants to questions like, In your childhood, how was the topic of sex and sexuality approached by the adults is your life? What was their attitude towards this topic? Was it a topic that was open for discussion in your family? What type of vocabulary is available to us today for having discussions about sex? How could this affect our ability to have discussions about it? Participants will be invited (but not expected) to join the conversation. It is Carissa's hope that participants walk away from this session with a higher level of comfort in talking about sex and sexuality in general and perhaps even a higher level of comfort with their own sexuality.