Roller Derby Parenting: Leading your Family toward Faith without Losing Your Purpose

Fri 4:00pm - 4:50pm

Venue: Convo 02


When I suit up in fishnet tights, sparkly purple booty shorts, and roller skates, my kids proudly call me Metaphorocious. My time on the roller derby track is not an escape from my life as a mother. On the contrary, my family’s collective celebration of our Diesel Dollz team distills parenting into a clean, honest apprenticeship of faith. A lifetime of embarrassing moments have convinced me that children imitate what they see rather than exemplifying what they hear. Instead of futilely trying to close that gap with a glut of more words, I’ve accepted that the most loving thing I can do for my children is to become someone worth imitating in pursuit of Jesus-centered love. In this workshop, we will discuss strategies of apprenticeship parenting that nurture authentic communal faith within our own families. We will discover the gift of purposeful parenting that embraces rather than abandoning our unique personal passions. We will affirm that God chose us to parent our children because of and not in spite of our individual callings and dreams.