Eco-Grief Circles: Facing the Pain of Ecological Loss

Sat 12:00pm - 12:50pm

Venue: River


Carrie, Laura and Scott have been leading 7-week online eco-grief circles throughout the pandemic and are developing a curriculum to share more widely with churches and other organizations that may want to hold these circles in their own settings. This workshop will introduce participants to the Eco-Grief Circle process. Fires, floods, droughts, mass deforestation, sea level rise, dozens of species going extinct *each day* ... facing the truth about climate change can result in such overwhelm that we become paralyzed or numb. What we know about traditional grief therapy can help, but do we even want to reach the stage of “acceptance” with the reality that we are entering the 6 th Mass Extinction? What does it mean, as climate activist and author Bill McKibben has called for, to “bear witness to the loss”? Is there a way to face the worst possibilities and still act with persistence, hope, and courage? In this workshop we will name and explore our spiritual and emotional responses to an abruptly changing climate and give space to grieve the very real losses already underway. We will explore current understandings of grief and trauma and their effects on the human body, mind and spirit. We will offer ways to feel into what is happening in our own hearts and suggest ways we can find support in our communities, through our faith, and by our actions. Together we will honor our collective pain, anger, disappointment, and fear and attending to the immediate opportunities to love and offer compassion.