It Takes A Village to Raise a Village: Creating Deeply Affordable Homes

Fri 10:00am - 10:50am

Venue: Bridge


How does a small grassroots non-profit led by people experiencing the housing crisis envision a new way of building home? How does a small faith-full faith community join in partnership with impacted people to share land and support a dream? Want to be a solution to the national housing crisis? Want to bring the solution to your backyard? Join us as we tell the story of how BeLoved Asheville community members rose up after the tragic loss of a woman who froze to death in our city. See how BeLoved is creating a new model of deeply affordable homes that are community-oriented, sustainable, and produce equity for the residents. Hear how the community that is Land of Sky UCC came to share land with this project as a part of their vision to steward land and take action.