Have Your Pie (and eat it too)

Fri 12:00pm - 12:50pm

Venue: River


Regardless of what you believe, if you wake up tomorrow you have choices on how you will live that day. A question many ask is Will I experience a measure of joy in these next 24 hours? A can't-help-smiling type of joy? A joy that nourishes the uniqueness that is you (versus the you defined by the culture or the roles you play)? Whether your answer is yes, no, or I'm not sure”, this session will expose you to a tool called Pie that builds on the promise that it is good. This isn't a disguised prosperity gospel. It's simply a method for identifying, prioritizing, and experiencing people, places and things in your life where you know joy exists. Every participant will leave the session with a hardcopy of their own Pie along with instructions/suggestions on how they can Have Their Pie and Eat it Too.